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Modern Comfort Meets Style: Tailored Bathroom Remodels for Your Personal Oasis

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Increase Your Home Value

Make smart renovation investments with our bathroom upgrades, ensuring a stylish design that enhances your home's value.

Elevate Your Daily Routine

Maximize your bathroom's potential with our efficient use of space, offering innovative solutions for bathrooms of every size.

Modern Comfort Meets Style: Tailored Bathroom Remodels for Your Personal Oasis

What our satisfied customers have shared about their experience with our restoration services

Customers rely on Keystone State Construction for unmatched expertise and dedication to quality.

Our team, armed with advanced technology, delivers top-notch construction and remodeling services that exceed expectations. We're committed to prompt service and minimizing inconvenience, providing a seamless experience from initial consultation to project completion.

With decades of excellence since 1998, our clients trust us for professional service and a dependable partnership in realizing their construction dreams.

At Keystone State Construction, we ensure satisfaction through expert solutions and a team that’s passionate about bringing your project to life, creating the spaces you love.

Our commitment to quality, comprehensive services, and a client-centered approach establishes us as the go-to company for all your construction needs.


Ready to tackle any project, our teams are your ally, ensuring guidance through each phase and bringing your construction vision to reality.

Quality Response Team

Round-the-clock availability, ensuring immediate assistance during your home projects.

Expert Construction Specialists

From planning to completion, our specialists ensure your project runs smoothly, offering peace of mind and satisfaction.


We're here to help make things right when they go wrong.

Fire Damage Restoration

Expert services to address the aftermath of fires, including smoke damage, ash removal, and structural restoration.

24/7 Response
Expert Fire Restoration Specialists

Water Damage Restoration

From minor leaks to major floods, we offer complete water damage restoration services

Dedicated Water Damage Rapid Response
Easy Insurance Claims

Cleaning Services

Specialized residential and commercial cleaning services, including crime scene and commercial contract cleaning

Trauma Cleanup

Construction Services

Whether it's building your dream or rebuilding your life, we can help with any construction project

Residential Remodeling
Fire Reconstruction



Call our 24/7 hotline at 814 533 5989 for immediate assistance. We collect essential details to better understand your project needs.


Our team works with you to finalize the design and plan, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. We then schedule the project at a time that suits you.


With approval, our skilled professionals bring the plan to life, focusing on quality and efficiency to exceed your expectations.



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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Keystone

How long does the process take?

The length of the job depends on the severity of the damage.  Most water jobs are complete with 5-7 days, while extensive fire damage can take months.

How do I file a claim?

Our on site advisor can assist with reviewing your homeowners policy for coverage and aid in filing a claim. Our advisor will check for damage, create an estimate,. The advisor can call while on site with the homeowner, to help assist with the filing process.

Can you explain what ACV and RCV mean on my insurance policy?

ACV stands for actual cash value.  This means that your insurance policy would cover the current market value of the property that was damaged.

RCV means replacement cost value.  This means that insurance would reimburse you for what it costs to replace  the damaged property with brand new.

Does Keystone handle the entire claim, both water and fire damage?

Yes, Keystone is a full service disaster restoration company that handles fire, water, cleaning, mold, and construction.

When can you get started?

As soon as possible!  We understand when there is damage to your home, you want it fixed as soon as possible.  We work with our customers based  to set expectations on when the damage can be repaired and life can get back to normal.